Keys is not the usual Password Manager, it operates in a mode completely different and it doesn't save password in the memory of the smartphone, on the cloud or in any other place.

➔ WHAT IT LETS YOU TO DO: Keys allows you to generate new passwords for a new or existing account. The password generated will be an hash of the string composed from the main password and from the pattern password of the account. In the memory will be saved ONLY the pattern password of the account which alone is unusable. Every time you need a password of an account you just insert the main password to regenerate the final passwords for all account.

➔WHAT IT DOES NOT LET YOU TO DO: The strength of the Keys is the autonomous generation of passwords on a combination of input strings, so you can not use Keys to save existing passwords or created by you.

➔INCLUDED FEATURES: The main feature is the possibility of obtaining the passwords to your accounts exclusively remembering one master password, complex as you want. Allows you to choose the length of the final password when adding the account, (it is being developed the ability to choose groups of characters, symbols and numbers that you want to have in the final password). You can open the account's web site links and of course copy the final password. To further enhance the security of the app, it become 'safe' every time you put it in the background erasing the master password entered and hiding all sensitive information.

This App is native for BlackBerry 10 and it doesn't require permissions to work.

*HASH: With hashed string we mean the result of a hashing process given an arbitrary string as input.




Jacopo Federici

Ideator, designer and main developer of this project.

Created by Jacopo Federici - Copyright 2018